In Memory of Marie Beavan

Today’s weather is reflective of the way the Beavan family is feeling today. Gloomy and Sad. With the loss of my Grandmother Marie, there is now a huge void left. As a strong family I know we’ll pull together for each other as we always have, regardless of any issues of the past, present and future, we have a strong family bond that was created with Marie and James, and has been carried on by all of their children, grandchildren and will be carried on by the great-grandchildren. I think this song says it best for me. If only heaven was a place that was accessible, where we could share with our kids the love and greatness of their ancestors. Unfortunately it’s not, but we can still keep our family history alive with pictures and stories.
James B Beavan III Lisa Beavan Colby James Beavan Annabelle Beavan Anne Beavan Brandon Beavan Patrick Beavan Bonnie Beavan Janet L. Beavan Johnny Beavan Kim Beavan James Beavan Nick Beavan Tiffany Beavan Michelle Beavan-Butler Casey Beavan Alison Beavan Justin Beavan Joe Beavan Laurel Beavan Alicia Beavan Gage Beavan Calvert Beavan Gabriel Beavan Shirley Beavan I’ve created a shared Album where we can all add pictures to share with each other. I will have everyone in my thoughts this holiday.